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都道府県連携推進本部と同窓会等 Such as Prefectural Cooperation Promotion Headquarters and Alumni Association of Graduate School


The Prefectural Cooperation Promotion Headquarters was established in April 2009 in order to contribute to the activities of the educational field and the development of this university’s educational research by promoting the cooperation between universities, graduate school of education graduates, university graduates, and people with experience teaching at affiliated universities.
The Alumni Associations of the Graduate School and University holds research meetings, promotes friendship in the field of education on a national level, and works to fix many educational problems.
On the university level, necessary reforms to educational methods and curricula are promoted in order to be accepted by many current teachers across the nation, and results of education research at the university are sent across the practical education network and then returned to graduates.
The Prefectural Cooperation Promotion Headquarters is currently involved in many projects as the parent body that supports these endeavors and actively promotes cooperation.