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Outlines of Majors and Courses

Human Development Education

Given the range of issues faced by today's diversifying schools, we aim to develop a comprehensive educational approach, based on research in the fields of pedagogy, psychology, and other relevant sciences, including perspectives on life-span development and the interaction between home life and local communities, focusing on school education.

Courses and Majors Scope of Instruction and Research
Culture, Education and Communication
Philosophy of Education,
History of Education,
Sociology of Education, Personality Psychology, Developmental
Psychology in Teaching and Learning

With the background of philosophy, historical science, sociology, and psychology, we aim to carry out a broad spectrum of comprehensive research on the variety of components that make educational communication successful. An additional goal is to build and hone the skills people need to cooperate with others to solve problems in the search for better models of communication in education.

Early Childhood education and Developmental Support
Infant and Early childhood education, Child Welfare,
Psychology of Infant and Early Childhood, Developmental Support for Infant and Early Childhood Contents of Child Care and Education/Learning Support in School Transition
Child Care Support/Intergenerationality

We strive to carry cutting-edge research on the theory and practice of infant, early childhood education and developmental support, to meet evolving needs. To enable improvements in raising well-rounded individuals at home and in local communities, we focus on linkage between infants'/ children's growth and development of mind and body, developmental support, child welfare and school curricula, educational contents in early childhood education and elementary school.

School Psychology, Developmental Science and Health Education
School Psychology,
Developmental Psychology,
Guidance and School Counseling,
Educational Social Psychology, Developmental Science,
School Health,Public Health,
School Health and Safety Education,
Life Skills Education

To promote mental and physical development of children, we carry out educational research that features (1) counseling of developmental and instructive support in a class; (2) guidance and school counseling; (3) research for promoting emotional and social development; and (4) school health and safety, and health / life-skills education.

Clinical Psychology
Clinical Psychology in Education,
Developmental Clinical Psychology for
the Handicapped,
School Mental Health

This course will introduce from various perspectives (including psychodynamics and cognitive behavioral theory) the following: (1) topics in education-related areas, (2) topics in the area of developmental disabilities, (3) mental health in schools, and (4) assistance recovering from trauma. EMDR training is also possible. (Up to Part 2)

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Special Needs Education

To help graduate students learn skills that support pupils and students with special needs, this major covers educational research on pedagogy, psychology, and physiology and pathology, and teaching methods of children with special needs, to ensure that this support is based on the understanding of development and specification of child with special needs. In addition, this major covers to develop human resources who have practical training in coordinating collaboration among related organizations and facilities, and in developing individualized education programs that support children with developmental disabilities.

Courses and Majors Scope of Instruction and Research
Disability Science
Education of Children with Disabilities,
Psychology of Children with Disabilities,
Developmental Study of Children with
Clinical Study of Children with
Curriculum and Teaching Methods for
Children with Disabilities

To support pupils and students with visual disability, hearing disability, intellectual disability, motor disability, infirmity, emotional disorder, developmental disability, and/or severe multiple disabilities, this course covers complehensive and specialized education research on pedagogy, psychology, physiology, pathology, instruction methodology, welfare, and/or coordination for person with special needs.

Education for Children with Developmental Disabilities
Cooperation about Special Needs Education, Support for Children with Developmental Disabilities,
Individualized Support Plan

The purpose of our course is to produce key persons who facilitate special needs education in schools, or in regions by learning from practical experiences. Curriculum is specialized for special needs education coordinators, resource room teachers for developmental disabilities, and consultants for teaching methods in regular classrooms.

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Subject Pedagogy and Practical Studies

The Subject Pedagogy and Practical Studies Program offers five courses. These courses aim to have students acquire the specialized knowledge and practical skills in accordance with the curriculum characteristics, and improve their practical instruction abilities in subjects correlating theory and practice. Also, students conduct research on the pedagogy and contents in multidisciplinary areas beyond the framework of these subjects.

Courses and Majors Scope of Instruction and Research
Education in Language Studies
Japanese Linguistics, Japanese Literature, Chinese Classics, Japanese Pedagogy, English Linguistics, English and American Literature, English Language Education

Students conduct educational research about various issues related to the nature of language, the development of language abilities and language expression.

Education in Social Sciences and the Humanities
History, Geography, Law, Political Science, Sociology, Economics, Philosophy and Ethics, Social Studies Education

Students conduct theoretical and practical research related to social sciences and the humanities, and pedagogy in social sciences, based on the formative processes and developmental issues in the social abilities of school children.

Education in Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Algebra, Geometry, Analysis, Applied Mathematics, Mathematics Education, Physics,Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science, Science Education

"We want teachers to like math and science in order to raise children who like math and science." Based on this idea, students in the Mathematics and Natural Sciences Course conduct educational research so that children can enjoy the fun and charm of the math and science fields.

Education in Fine Arts and Music
Music: Music Education, Vocals/Choral, Keyboard Instruments, Instruments and Ensemble, Composition and Conducting Methods, Musicology
Fine Arts: Arts and Crafts/Fine Arts Education, Painting, Sculpture, Design, Craftwork, Art History

The research areas of this course are music and fine arts education as school subjects, and art education and the various matters related to it. Students conduct educational research aiming to combine the theory and practice of art education in order to cope with the various problems of modern society, based on common and general knowledge of things such as developmental processes and developmental issues of artistic expression and art appreciation abilities.

Education in Human Life, Health, and Information Studies
Physical Education, Physiology and Biomechanics, School Health, Padagogy of Health and Physical Education, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology, Technology Education, Nutrition and Food Science, Clothing Science, Home Management, Housing and Living Envirionment, Home Economics Education, Information Education, Environmental Education

"Ability to engage in a healthy, prosperous life" and "skills to solve problems pro actively" are required in order to respond to the changes in our living environments. To cultivate these abilities, students must acquire high-level knowledge and skills, and work to develop, implement, and reflect on class contents and methods. Also, students conduct educational research in the multi-faceted areas of sports culture, dietary education, health, environment, information (ICT utilization), and making things, which go beyond the framework of subjects.

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Advanced Professional Development in School Education

This program aims to train teachers and educational administration staff as highly specialized professionals.

(1)We train prospective school principals, vice-principals, and educational administration professionals to achieve advanced school management abilities.

(2)We also train teachers of the class of middle leaders playing a core-like role in school instruction development and improvement, and program development of guidance and counseling.

(3)We train inexperienced new teachers who would be expected to become the supporter of a new school-making.

To achieve these goals, the method for the education and research is focusing on building constant collaboration with the graduate students, university teachers and school teachers in order to explore school issues and to solve the problem.

Courses and Majors Scope of Instruction and Research

School Leadership and Management
Educational Administration and
Finance-Rules, Development of School System,
School Management Practice,Field Work

In addition to core courses, specialized courses and internship and fieldwork are arranged systematically by special field of study. Students get a wide range of practical training while they are doing theoretical studies. Through internship activities students, carry out actual school management practice which enables them to develop a "School Improvement Plan". Also we will work together with the board of education and schools to promote research on projects including school management, school evaluation systems, crisis management and the like.

Curriculum and Instruction Development for Expert Teachers
Development of Teaching Practice and Teaching Materials, Research on Teaching and Learning,Teacher Development and Research on Educational Practice for Improvement

With the aim of developing high-caliber, able core school teachers, the course offers lectures, seminars, and practicum regarding development of teaching practice, research promotion, mentoring, and problem solving research on practical teaching. To achieve this goal, the research and educational activities focus on the theory of teaching practice, practice of classroom lessons, and analysis of processes to explore research themes.

Student Guidance and Counseling
Student Guidance, Educational Counseling,  Career Education, Moral Education, Class Management, Special Activities and Cooperation with Local Communities

This course aims to develop teaching professionals equipped with integrated knowledge who are able to promote cooperation with families and the community to work on diverse problems including bullying, school refusal, school violence, and psychological aspects of education-related issues of school children. To achieve this goal through case studies, behavior investigation and experience of practical school issues, a "Comprehensive Child-Student Support Program" is developed, evaluated, and put into practice.

Advanced Elementary Teacher Education
Class Management,Subject Guidance, Educational Practice Research, Subject Instruction Content and Method

With the aim of nurturing elementary teachers with the ability to work on new types of school formation projects, these courses provide knowledge of practical leadership and the ability of self-assessment and self- improvement with respect to their own practical work. To achieve this goal, a wide range of research is conducted. Apart from the educational research of class management, subject instruction and evaluation, also experience oriented practical research on behavior investigation, case studies and other fields are included.

Development of Educational Policy Leader
Educational Policy, Law, Administration and Finance, Management, Leadership

This training consists of Ability, Knowledge, and Practice programs for educational administration leaders who create new communities in a decentralizing society. The Ability Program consists of leadership classes that are related to new civil service type management, philosophy construction, and ideals propagation. The Knowledge Program consists of classes related to educational policy, local government, educational administration and finance, lifelong learning, communities, and so on. As for the Practice Program, students can select from overseas internships, in addition to their own local government or other local governments. Moreover, in their policy research project, students receive theoretical guidance appropriate for the leader of an educational administration.

Development of School Globalization Leader
Introduction to Global Education, Practical Training in Global Education,
Global Fieldwork

This program trains teachers to understand international society, think logically and express themselves in English, and lead the globalization of schools in Japan. Applying the knowledge gained through the general courses, the core courses introduce practical methods to globalize school children's international understanding. Furthermore, this program cultivates practical skills needed to foster global individuals through training for the planning of international and domestic exchange activities, negotiating and cooperating with host organizations, and so forth.

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