Cooperation with Local Communities

Cooperation and Coordination Projects with Boards of Education

(*1) 1. Special training for school managerial staff and education administration staff (Special Training for New Leaders)
In cooperation with the Hyogo Prefectural Board of Education, the University provides training for newly assigned vice principals and chief supervisors of school education of public schools within the prefecture.
2. Training classes held by the University (24 classes will be held in 2012)
The University holds these classes as options for teachers with 10 years' experience.

(*2) Joint training with the Hyogo Prefectural Board of Education/ Combined efforts to provide training for high school teachers in Hyogo Prefecture with 10 years' of experience/ Designated University as a supervisor for lectures certified by the Teachers License Act for the Hyogo Prefecture and Kobe City educational personnel/ Combined efforts to provide lectures named "Machi-no Terakoya Shihan Juku"(child-care support program), the joint project with Hyogo Prefecture.

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