Facilities for Educational Research and Development

Attached Schools

The University has opened its affiliated Kindergarten, Elementary School and Junior High School. These attached schools provide the care and attention that stimulates the mental and physical development of infants, children, and pupils, and deliver appropriate elementary and secondary education in accordance with the Fundamental Law of Education, the School Education Law, and other relevant legislation, while working together with the University in educational research and students' practical teaching experience (teaching practice). In addition, they strive to carry out joint research on school education with University teachers, attached schools, and other public and private schools.

(As of May 1, 2016)

School Admission Capacity Total Capacity Current Enrollment
Kindergarten 3-Year-old 40 160 3-Year-old 4-Year-old 5-Year-old       Total
4-Year-old 20 35
39       106
Elementary School 105(120) 645 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Total
99 518
Junior High School 120 360 1st 2nd 3rd       Total
118 100 118       336
Grand Total 285 1,165             960

The Admission Capacity in parenthese indicate the Admission Capacity before 2011



fuzoku02.jpg Elementary School



fuzoku03.jpg Junior High School        


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