Facilities for Educational Research and Development

Career Development Center

The Career Development Center was established to actively and continuously provide career development and employment support to students.
The center also plays its part in upholding one of the university's missions,"training new teachers with highly developed teaching skills"by cultivating"teacher as Active Learner,"teachers who learn on their own initiatives and continue to gain ample, broad humanity even after employment.
To be more specific, we offer versatile support in the following three departments in order to create"teacher as Active Learner": (1) Employment Support, (2) Career Design・Research and Study, (3) Volunteer Activities.

Employment Support Department
  • Career guidance by career advisors and career development advisors
  • Residential training courses to boost motivation for learning and increase career awareness
  • Mock interviews by career development advisors and student interviewers who passed the teacher recruitment exam
  • Consultation meetings, situational guidance and mock lectures with students who passed the teacher recruitment exam
Career Design Support Department
  • Career Design Seminars
  • The promotion and cultivation of peer support, voluntary student activities related to teaching jobs
  • Development of Teaching Career Support Program in Cooperation with Boards of Education
Volunteer Activities Support Department
  • Support for Volunteer Activities


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