Facilities for Educational Research and Development

Center for Teaching Practicum and Educational Research

The Center for Teaching Practicum and Educational Research aims to advance the training of teachers through key strategies:
1. Promoting pragmatic research on current issues in school education
2. Providing students effective practical training
3. Creating a teacher training infrastructure through coordination and collaboration with schools, boards of education and public and private universities in Hyogo Prefecture offering postgraduate teacher training.
As of April 2014, the Center for Teaching Practicum and Educational Research is the integrated hub for the internship and fieldwork (practical research) undertaken by students of the Graduate School of Education and the work formerly undertaken by the Center for School Education Research (abolished March 2014) relating to teaching practice in schools for courses run by the Faculty of School Education.
The Center has three departments responsible for respective areas as described below, working in close coordination and collaboration with each other.

Department of Professional Degree Program Fieldwork/Classroom Skills Development

  • Effective operation of fieldwork in cooperating schools or other internship
  • Joint research through partnership with cooperating schools
  • Learning support to ensure quality standards of Professional Degree Program students
  • Planning and proposals for the Cooperating Schools Liaison Board
  • Research and development and operation of teaching program/class evaluation system for the Professional Degree Program

Department of Master's Program Fieldwork Support

  • Effective operation of graduate level practicum in schools and institutions to advance students'practical teaching skills ("Advanced Teacher Training Practicum")
  • Learning support for students of the Advanced Teacher Training Program

Department of Fieldwork Support for the Faculty of School Education

  • Research into advancing teacher training mainly involving fieldwork and Advanced Teacher Training Practicum
  • Planning, proposal and student guidance on fieldwork
  • Effective operation of fieldwork




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