Facilities for Educational Research and Development

Kobe Harborland Campus

The Kobe Satellite Kobe Harborland Campus
(in Kobe Information
Culture Building)

The "Kobe Harborland Campus"is located in Kobe city centre, far away from the main campus in Kato city. It is a branch facility established for providing serving teaches the opportunity to take evening classes of the School Education Research Study (Master's program and professional degree program).
The Satellite, in consideration of the students' study environment, apart from the upgrading of the lecture rooms, seminar rooms, computer rooms, common laboratory and library, much IT equipment such as a video-conference system has already been installed to match the introduction of E-Learning and E-lectures.
As a communication base between the university and the regional society, many open lectures and societies are being held at the Satellite. Besides that, there are interview rooms and a clinical psychological counseling room with a children's playroom offering counsels to the public.

Clinical psychological counseling room

Open to the public, the Counseling Room provides children, adults, and their family members who need psychological support with a counseling service over a wide range of issues. The staff include those qualified for clinical psychological counseling and clinical psychotherapists trained in special techniques used by clinical psychotherapists. The Room also puts a lot of effort into consultation for educators who have problems handling children, students, and their parents.
The Counseling Room also functions as an on-the-job training facility for our Clinical Psychology Course students.

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