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Message from President Kajisa for Great Earthquake

May 20,2011

To whom it may concern,

We really appreciate your kind concern regarding the natural disaster that happened in our country and took thousands of precious lives.

It has been more than two months since the earthquake and Tsunami struck eastern Japan and the damages of nuclear power plant appear to have impacted greatly in Japan.

However reconstructions have already begun and with the support from people worldwide, we believe Japan will recover and come back even stronger.

Even though the tragedy occurred in eastern Japan, Hyogo University of Teacher Education is geographically located approximately 800 kilometers western of the affected regions.

Fortunately western Japan including our campus had received no damage at all. Our campus life remains unaffected, no evacuation were granted for the international students.

As a matter of fact, we, Hyogo University of Teacher Education, are rather supportive to those who are suffering from tsunami and earthquake.

Under the current situation, in order to maintain our collaborations, we would like to continue to express our sincerity and goodwill to your university.

All the programs including undergraduate, graduate, teacher, and researcher, exchange, and bilateral school visit, will not be interrupted and will be carried out as usual.

Again, we appreciate your continuous support to our university.

Dr. Tetsuya Kajisa
President, Hyogo University of Teacher Education

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