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大学紹介 introduction


  • 兵庫教育大学は,次のような大学を目指します。
  • Hyogo University of Teacher Education aims to be:
    A Top Class Teacher Education University:
    We cultivate teachers with professional expertise and high practical abilities and take the central position both on the national and regional levels in implementing and researching teacher training by promoting pioneering research on education.
    A University Bringing Out the Best of Our Students:
    We bring out the best of our students' potentialities so that each of them can attain a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment by providing them with quality contents of education and rich learning environments.
    A University Incessantly Growing:
    We, as a university, incessantly grow with a heightened sense of belonging of our staff to our university by providing them with favorable environments for educational research and university administration suites to the times.