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社会連携センター Community-University Partnership Center


The Community-University Partnership Center was established to utilize educational research findings of the University for the benefit of society. It aims to advance education, learning and culture in the community and to make social contribution by taking advantage of the University's special character, know-how and resources while promoting partnerships and exchange programs with the local boards of education, local governments and other community organizations.
To make community and social contributions, the Center undertakes various programs and serves as a general point of contact.

  • 小野市との連携による地域貢献推進事業
    Regional Contribution Promotion Project,
    "Science Festival of Science & Science Education for Local Schoolchildren,"
    held jointly with Ono City
  • 公開講座(絵画)  Open lecture (Painting)
  • 公開講座(絵画) Open lecture (Painting)

教育委員会・地域・社会との連携協力 Cooperation  with Boards of Education and Local Communities


The University pursues various projects in social cooperation. The purpose of these projects is to give the fruits of our educational research back to society so that the various needs of educational institutions can be met, including on-site support for problem- solving, by featuring the benefits of teacher training at our University. In addition, we aim to vitalize our educational research by promoting cooperation and coordination with local communities and the Prefectural Board of education, to contribute to progress in education, art, and culture in these communities. The following are our main social cooperation projects.

T 研修支援

  • 免許状更新講習
  • 現職教員研修支援プログラム開発事業(研修講座の開発・実施)(※1)
  • その他教育委員会等が行う研修・講習等の実施協力(※2)

I Training Support

Lectures for Renewal of Licenses and Projects on the Development of Training Support Programs for In-Service Teachers (Development and Implementation of Training Courses)(*1), and Other Support for the Implementation of Training and Lectures hosted by the Board of Education(*2)

U 地域連携

  • 地域等との連携協力協定に基づく事業
  • 教職大学院連携協力協定に基づく事業
  • 高大連携事業

II Cooperation with Local Governments

Projects based on Cooperation and Coordination Agreements with Local Governments, Projects based on Graduate School of Education Cooperation Agreements and Collaboration between High-schools and Universities

V 大学連携

  • 大学間連携共同教育推進事業
  • 今後の教員養成に関する意見交換会
  • 大学コンソーシアムひょうご神戸に関する事業

III Cooperation between Universities

Program for Promoting Inter-University Collaborative Education, Opinion Exchange Meetings regarding Future Training for Teachers, and Projects for the Hyogo-Kobe University Consortium

W 地域貢献

  • スクール・パートナーシップ事業(大学教員による出張講座)
  • 公開講座・産学官連携事業・地域等の窓口・情報発信

IV Contribution to Local Communities

School Partnership Enterprise (lectures on demand by faculty members), Open Lectures, Industry-Government-Academia Cooperation, and Contacts for Local Communities Provision of Information



A兵庫教育大学研修講座(平成28年度は27講座実施)  10年経験者研修等の選択研修として提供。


1. Special training for school managerial staff and education administration staff (Special Training for New Leaders)

In cooperation with the Hyogo Prefectural Board of Education, the University provides training for newly assigned vice principals and chief supervisors of school education of public schools within the prefecture.

2. Training classes held by the University (27 classes will be held in 2016)

These classes are offered as optional training for teachers with 10 years' experience and other trainings.

(※2) 兵庫県教育委員会等との共催研修/兵庫県立高等学校10年経験者研修の実施協力/兵庫県・神戸市教育職員免許法認定講習の指導大学。   (*2) Joint training with the Hyogo Prefectural Board of Education/ Combined efforts to provide training for high school teachers in Hyogo Prefecture with 10 years' of experience/ Designated University as a supervisor for lectures certified by the Teachers License Act for the Hyogo Prefecture and Kobe City educational personnel, the joint project with Hyogo Prefecture.

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