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教育子午線ホール Education Meridian Hall

  • 教育子午線ホールは,学生の学習環境の改善を図り,よりよい学習機会を提供するために,かつて暖房用のボイラー運転のために使用してきた中央機械室を有効活用して,150人規模の講義室として平成26年10月に開設した。大学院,学部の授業のほか,講演会,研修会など多目的に使用している。
  • 教育子午線ホール Education Meridian Hall
  • 教育子午線ホール
    Education Meridian Hall
  • Education Meridian Hall was inaugurated in October 2014 as a lecture hall able to accommodate approx. 150 people. It was established in order to improve the learning environment of students and offer better learning opportunities. Prior to its transformation into a lecture hall, it was actually the central machine room for the university, housing boilers for the heating system, and was renovated to provide a multi-purpose setting for both undergraduate and graduate classes, as well as for lectures and workshops.
    This university is located in Kato City, which the Japan Standard Time Meridian (135°east longitude) runs through, and its two campuses are situated on both the east and west side of the meridian: Ureshinodai Campus and Yamakuni Campus. The university was established in 1978 as a teacher training university with the primary purpose of offering a master's degree program for in-service teachers, under the new concept scheme of the national government. Since then, this national educational university has been engaged in practical research into cutting-edge teacher training and shares its achievements with others all over Japan. These efforts have set the"standard"for teacher training in Japan, which is why this hall was named Meridian Hall.