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やまくにプラザ Yamakuni Plaza

  • 地域や附属学校園と連携して教育研究活動を行うことを目的とする学内共同の教育研究施設として,「やまくにプラザ」が設置されている。
  • やまくにプラザ Yamakuni Plaza
  • やまくにプラザ
    Yamakuni Plaza
  • Yamakuni Plaza is an educational research facility for use by the entire university. It undertakes educational research in coordination with the local community and the university's attached schools. The Plaza is located adjacent to the attached schools in the Yamakuni area. It is the hub of education in practice, focusing on partnerships with organizations within and outside the university including the attached schools. The Plaza's educational research facilities include the Yamakuni Satellite, which provides support for the fieldwork (teaching practice) of undergraduate students and the Pre-School Curriculum R&D Room, which conducts research and development related to the childcare support coordinator training curriculum.