An overview of efforts by the University - Purpose of the program

Efforts by the University are intended to create a learning support system to allow students to continue learning with worthwhile goals in mind and a forward-thinking attitude and to provide organizational leadership. Specifically, the 3 goals of these efforts are to:

  1. Clearly indicate the level students who are fostered and produced by this University’s baccalaureate program should achieve
  2. Ascertain and substantiate the sequential and systematic nature of the curriculum to reliably produce human resources based on those levels of achievement
  3. Provide appropriate assessment and learning support so that students can learn effectively based on those levels of achievement

To achieve these goals, the University formulates teacher training standards (achievement standards that are apparent to both students and teachers) each year for kindergarten, elementary school, and middle school (9 subjects). The University also encourages efforts to increase student awareness of those assessment criteria and to encourage motivated and self-driven learning activities. The University also seeks to craft multidisciplinary systems to fully develop efforts in various areas in order to ensure that undergraduates have the commensurate level of ability. Lastly, the University ensures the quality of its teacher education.


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