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Features of HUTE

A university that seeks to improve the qualifications and abilities of teachers
At every stage of its undergraduate, master's, professional degree, and doctoral programs, the university seeks to have teachers learn and study topics in line with the goals and level of those programs and refine their ability to teach. The university also seeks to use results of research combining educational theory and practice ("Educational Practices") to enhance teacher education.
A university that is open to society
The university seeks to be "a university that is open to society." The Graduate School, for example, accepts current teachers from kindergarten to high school. The university also makes its facilities available for projects like cooperation with the "Comprehensive Psychological Training Center" established by Hyogo Prefecture. The university provides clinical psychological counseling at the Center for Research on Human Development and Clinical Psychology, the university allows public access to its libraries and sports facilities, and the university hosts lecture courses for the general public. The university also used its intellectual and physical resources to establish the Center for Regional Exchange in order to coordinate and cooperate with the local community.
In addition, the university established its "Kobe Campus" in Kobe City to hold nighttime classes so that current teachers have more opportunities to study at the Graduate School while working.
A faculty of teachers in a range of specialties
The university has instructors in a range of academic specialties like pedagogy, psychology, and course curriculum studies so that students can learn and study a variety of disciplines.
The university seeks to seamlessly and cohesively organize these disciplines in accordance with the role of education and facilitate learning and study.
Enjoyable campus life
The university provides an enjoyable environment for students. The university's vast 40-hectare campus has student housing (560 single-room residences, 120 units for family housing), an international house (28 single rooms, 8 units for couples, and 4 units for families), sport facilities that include an athletic field, a baseball field, and tennis courts, and parking for about 1200 cars (including 430 parking spaces for students in student housing).

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Faculty of School Education

The Faculty of School Education fosters elementary school teachers with exceptional leadership ability in a range of subjects and areas accompanied by vast interpersonal skills and extensive expertise.
A curriculum that emphasizes practical ability
The overall curriculum is organized and coordinated over 4 years so that students gain the overall ability to serve as elementary school teachers in addition to basic knowledge in a range of disciplines.
Students are given a practical education (in educational practices) throughout their 4 years of study. The curriculum is organized into a concurrent form so that of results learning through liberal arts courses, teaching profession courses, educational practices and reflection courses, and specialized subjects courses are integrated and incorporated through each year of practical education.

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The Cultivation of "Teacher as Active Learner" through the Standard for Initial Teacher
The university have developed the Standard for Initial Teacher which outlines what is expected of a teacher in order to make sure all teachers have the aptitude to teach, and to establish university-wide leadership system. Through self-evaluation using the Standard for Initial Teacher, one can continually look back on one's own education, discover problems and plan for future studies. Doing this over a lifetime is how one becomes a"teacher as Active Learner."
Employment Support that assures a High Teacher Employment Rate and Wide-scale Career Development Support
Centering around the Career Development Center, we strive for complete career development and employment support by creating systematic and continuous programs. We provide detailed employment support that meets the needs of students by making sure that university faculty, career counselors, and career development advisors with professional experience such as principals can be consulted. We also do diverse career development support matching that students can participate in soon after admission.

Concept of the Standard for Initial Teacher (Elementary School Version)


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Graduate School of Education

A graduate school offering two types of programs
The Graduate School offers a master's program (2 fields) and a professional degree program (1 field). These programs foster teachers with extensive ability to learn and study elementary and secondary education in particular. The Graduate School adopts an approach that emphasizes coordination with actual schools in order to combine theory and practice.
The "Kobe Campus" has been established so that students can take classes during the day when they have finished teaching or at night, and "Day, Evening, Flex Courses" are offered by the university. The nighttime course takes 3 years to complete, and a "Long-term Degree Completion Program" has been instituted so that students can study at their own pace.
In addition, current teachers from around the country are assembled at the Graduate School, where they exchange of variety of information regarding education. Even after graduation, students can use personal networks like alumni events to exchange information on education around the country.
Master's Program
The master's program seek to craft educational practices by combining educational theory and practice. The programs encourage extensive learning and study grounded in classroom requirements and practical workability, and the programs foster teachers with the ability to interact with others and teach.
Educational issues are increasing in complexity, reflecting rapid changes in the way society is structured and more diverse values. The principal topics of learning and study are clearly indicated in individual fields and courses, and essential information on educational theories and course instruction is provided. The programs also allow interdisciplinary and integrated research.
Professional Degree Program (Graduate School of Education)
This program for current teachers fosters school leaders with exceptional practical ability and specific knowledge of theories of leadership that teachers will need to serve as leaders in the school and community.
In addition, this program fosters new teachers from among those undergraduates who are qualified and able to serve as teachers. These teachers will have more practical leadership ability and the ability to develop schools, allowing them to play a major role in crafting schools.

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The Joint Graduate School (Ph. D. Program) in Science of School Education

Aims of the Graduate School
Recognizing the educational situation at present, the Joint Graduate School has been established in association with Hyogo University of Teacher Education,Joetsu University of Education, Gifu University, Shiga University, Okayama University, and Naruto University of Education as a three-year postdoctoral course with the aim of qualitatively improving and reforming current school education. This aim can be achieved by improving and enriching teacher preparation programs from the following perspectives:
  • To establish and promote the science of school education in practice, which can contribute to the resolution of educational problems.
  • To create educational programs for nourishing the practical abilities of education and supply these programs to colleges of education.
  • To foster scholars who are able to research school education in practice on the basis of rich experience in the field of education and who are able to make contributions to colleges of education.
  • To develop highly professional teachers who can demonstrate leadership in in-service training at all levels backed up with sufficient competence for carrying out research and becoming members of school boards all over Japan.


Flexible class scheduling
The Graduate School offers a special form of instruction for students who are employed full-time or students who have started working while in school. Pursuant to guidance from an advisor, students are allowed take courses or receive research guidance at night or other specific times through "flexible class scheduling."
Continuing education from the master's programs and professional degree programs
Students can continue their education from either the master's program or a professional degree program.

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